Premier's COVID-19 Policies

This year will look different for a few reasons. The first, we’ve moved into our new location; 7475 Mineral Point Road #34 (two doors to the right of Planet Fitness). And secondly, we have to follow new guidelines due to COVID-19. Like everyone, we hope it will be over soon and dance classes can go back to normal, but until then, here is what in-person dancers & their parents can expect, as well as what is expected of our dancers:


  • Please do not drop off dancers more than 5 minutes before the start of their class. We understand this can be difficult to time your drive, but we cannot allow dancers to be waiting in our lobby for more than a few minutes.


  • Unfortunately, as long as we are dealing with COVID, parents will not be allowed to enter our dance studio.  An exception will be made for the parents of our 3 & 4 year old dancers (if needed).


  • Dancers should arrive at the studio dressed for class, bringing their own water bottle and having used the bathroom at home before coming to dance.


  • Face masks are required.


  • Anyone entering our dance studio will be required to have their temperature checked at the door. Anyone with a fever (100.4 is considered a fever) will be sent home. Although a normal temperature can be misleading, this is an attempt to catch a possible fever before dancers are in contact with others at the studio. 


  • If anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms or thinks you may have been exposed, do not send your dancer to the studio. We all need to do our part to keep each other safe. You can always ask for the login code for online class if you need to keep your dancer home.


  • When dancers enter the studio, they should wait on the socially distanced marked spots on the lobby floor until their dance teacher calls them into class.


  • Our new dance rooms are labeled as Studio 1 and Studio 2. As you enter the studio, the dance room to the LEFT is Studio 1, the dance room to the RIGHT is Studio 2. Your dancer will be dancing in the same dance room the entire time that she/he is at the studio.


  • Dancers should use the hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrance of their dance room.


  • The dance rooms are marked with socially distanced squares for dancing in the center of the room as well as 6 foot marks on the ballet barres for warm up. Dancers should choose a square (or a mark at the barre) and do their best to stay distanced from their classmates as they find their space to dance.


  • As always, the dance room has hand sanitizer and tissues available for dancers. We ask that dancers ball up used tissue before dropping it into the wastebasket to keep used tissues from overflowing and falling on the dance floor.


  • On the occasion that dance classes in Studio 1 and Studio 2 end at the same time, we will alternate letting classes out 2 minutes early to lessen the traffic in the lobby. The dance rooms each have a window - there will be a sign in the window stating “EARLY” on the weeks when your dance room is dismissed 2 minutes early. Since we have not had the chance to put this into action yet it's in the “trial phase”. If it doesn’t help or causes more problems we will rethink our options.


  • Please do your best to pick up your dancer within 5 minutes of their class ending (the scheduled time, don’t worry about the 2 minute early dismissal). Dancers should exit the building as quickly as possible to avoid crowds in our lobby. 

Premier Dance Academy is a member of

Dane County Dance Coalition - dance studios working together to teach dance safely during the pandemic.

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