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Another School Year During a Pandemic

Here we are again, heading into another school year during a pandemic. It's frustrating for everyone. In the spring it looked like there was a light at the end of the tunnel (and I really believe there still is a light there) - it's just that the tunnel got a little longer. But, we shall overcome.

Premier is working just as hard this year, as last year (and the spring before that) to keep our dancers, their families and our faculty safe and healthy. We are once again offering an online option for families who feel uneasy about children not being vaccinated yet. It's our hope that dancers can continue to do what they love, whether it's in-person at the studio or online at home. We just want our dancers to dance!

To see what we're doing to keep our in-person dancers, their families and our faculty safe, check out our COVID-19 page.

And for dancers who are attending classes online, we promise to make your experience enjoyable by:

  • Greeting each of you personally when you join our zoom session (just like we would if you were at the studio).

  • Check on you during class to be certain you are able to see what is being taught and to answer questions.

  • Taking time at the end of each class to give each online dancer the ability to share something happening in their lives so they feel seen, included and appreciated.

  • Check in with parents via email occasionally to be sure that you are feeling good about our online dance classes, and find out if there is anything that we need to change to make it a better experience.

And if at any time you feel you would like to switch options (online to in-person, or in-person to online) just let us know! The tuition is the same and there's no fee to switch! We want to see your child experience dance however you feel comfortable! And that light at the end of the tunnel? Well, it may still be a ways away, but it's there. I can feel it's warmth and I know we'll get there.


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