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It's Different At Premier...

We all hear a lot of negative stories about dance studios.

And yet, sometimes parents and dancers don’t realize that it doesn’t have to be like that.


We’ve been saying it. Our students have been saying it. Their parents have been saying it.


It's Different At Premier...

Here are some of the things that make us different than other dance studios:

  • Our staff will never belittle or embarrass a dancer. Our goal is to help our dancers ELEVATE through Encouragement, Leadership, Empowerment, Values, Acceptance, Trust and Excellence.


  • Every student is important to us. All too often we hear that at other dance studios only the “best” dancers matter - studios have their “star” dancers and the rest are just numbers, or dollar signs. At Premier, all of our dancers are superstars. Every instructor knows every dancer by name (not just the dancers in their own class, but all the dancers at the studio), each of them is an important part of what makes Premier, well, premier.


  • Our students and their parents get along and care about each other. We’ve been told about studios with separate dressing rooms at recitals because dancers and/or their parents can’t get along with each other. You’ll never find that at Premier. We all care about each other, help each other and encourage each other to be the best we can be. Nobody needs to be separated.


  • We will never schedule an event and show up late, or worse yet, not show up at all. If we ask our dancers to attend a particular class, event, performance or competition, we will be there. On time. Every time.


  • Your time is important to us. Our classes, rehearsals and performances start on time and end on time. We know you have a busy schedule and we will always respect that.


  • Our instructors will always behave appropriately. We believe in family values. Our instructors won't have inappropriate conversations with dancers or around dancers. We will never allow ourselves to be put in an inappropriate situation with our students. We care about our students, their families and each other.


  • We are honest. You can count on Premier to be honest about your tuition and any charges you incur at the studio, as well as being honest about anything else that happens in the studio.

You can depend on Premier to commit to all of the above and more. We feel strongly about giving our students and their families the best experience possible. We hold our instructors, dancers and their families to a higher standard. We won't let you down - YOU are why Premier is Premier, and we will always strive to make sure that it's different at Premier.

Teaching kids to ELEVATE through
Encouragement Leadership Empowerment Values Acceptance Trust Excellence

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