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So You Think You Can Elevate

There's a new dance reality show. Right here at Premier. Starring our Premier I & II dancers!

Last we night we introduced the new reality show, So You Think You Can Elevate, to our Premier I & II dancers, and well, informed them that they are all contestants in it!

So, here's the scoop...

  • On Wednesday of this week, each dancer will write down 3 goals in ballet, tap, jazz and strength/flexibility.

  • We'll post the goals of each dancer in the dance rooms, so each time they come into class they are able to be reminded of their goals and stay focused.

  • When a dancer feels confident that she has achieved one of her goals, and is able to be consistent, she will show Miss Zebbie and I what she has accomplished. If we both agree that she is consistently "hitting the mark" we'll sign off on that goal.

  • Once a dancer has achieved all three goals in a subject (ballet, tap, jazz, strength/flexibility), we'll post her picture at the studio, along with a short bio and a list of the goals she accomplished.

  • So You Think You Can Elevate will continue through the school year, ending at the end of 3rd quarter. At that time, dancers who have accomplished 3 goals in a subject will be invited to participate in filming a video that we'll post on social media.

We're excited to watch our Premier I & II dancers ELEVATE even higher this year! We're confident that this will be a positive, fun experience for each of them. Their work ethic so far this year has been amazing, with some dancers coming to the studio 5 days a week! We'll continue to promote the ideals we feel all dance studios should share; Encouragement, Leadership, Empowerment, Values, Acceptance, Trust, Excellence.

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