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5 Things I Learned This Weekend...

I've always known that the community that we've built at Premier was special. You didn't have to tell me (although I love when people do!). It's something that I've made a priority since day one; quality dance education in a positive learning environment. And the "positive learning environment" to which I've been referring isn't just in the dance room - it's in the studio, it's on the stage, it's everywhere that Premier goes. This past weekend was recital weekend. And this year, during the week leading up to the recital, and at the actual recital, I learned a few things about the community we've created at Premier. Here are 5 Things I Learned This Weekend: 1) When the chips are down, our Pr

It's Almost Recital Day!

It's recital time at the dance studio! It's the most exciting time of the year! It could be stressful, but the faculty, dancers and

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