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So You Think You Can Elevate

There's a new dance reality show. Right here at Premier. Starring our Premier I & II dancers! Last we night we introduced the new reality show, So You Think You Can Elevate, to our Premier I & II dancers, and well, informed them that they are all contestants in it! So, here's the scoop... On Wednesday of this week, each dancer will write down 3 goals in ballet, tap, jazz and strength/flexibility. We'll post the goals of each dancer in the dance rooms, so each time they come into class they are able to be reminded of their goals and stay focused. When a dancer feels confident that she has achieved one of her goals, and is able to be consistent, she will show Miss Zebbie and I what she has acc


We have a lot of fun at Premier - of course, we're focused on dance, but we also like to have a good time together. So, we've added a page to our website titled "Premier Having Fun!" It's the page where you'll go to see fun videos we've made, you'll see our facebook feed and our instagram feed as well. I hope you'll visit it often to see the fun our dancers, faculty and parents have together! So, that brings me to the next fun thing I want to add to that page: We want to see our dancers practicing their dance moves all over town - wherever they are... in the grocery store, at their brother's soccer game, at your neighborhood park, on vacation... So, how do you participate? It's easy! And fun

National Honor Society For Dance Arts

Last week, Premier Dance Academy became an official chapter for the National Honor Society For Dance Arts (NHSDA) through the National Dance Educators Organization. We are proud and excited to offer this opportunity to our dancers in grades 6-8 (Junior Program) and dancers in grades 9-12 (Secondary Program). Early last week, when I first received word that we had been accepted as a chapter in NHSDA, I took a few minutes at the end of class to tell our Premier I & II dancers about this new opportunity. They were excited to learn more, and seemed happy to know that the hours they put in at the studio will help them further their academic education. Click here to read a more detailed descriptio

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