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Exciting Changes Coming!

Last year we announced that we were beginning a new program at Premier, entitled Elevate. We improved and expanded our syllabus and we're committed to reminding each other to rise above the dancers and people we once were, and to be positive influences in the dance community.

In continuing with our effort to bring the best dance experience possible to our students and their families, we have more changes on the horizon...

The first being this new website. It's sleeker, cleaner and easier to navigate. You'll be able to access your family account via this site, register for new classes, check in on our blog, and find upcoming events. Visit often to see what's new at Premier!

Also new to Premier, a permanent school year schedule. We'll soon be posting our fall schedule that will remain permanent from year to year. In other words, you'll be able to plan for the following year whenever you're ready - our schedule will always be available for you to see (no matter the time of year), all you need to do is know (or ask us!) your dancer's level for the following year, click on the schedule and confidently plan your upcoming school year!

Along with our permanent school year schedule comes extended class times! We've had many requests for longer classes, and with our new schedule longer classes are now possible! Our dancers will enjoy new aspects of their dance education through our extended class times! But, we have to keep some element of surprise, so, you'll have to wait until next school year to find out all of the exciting things planned for our classes!

And lastly, a new Parent Portal (coming soon), with an easier payment plan, and NO FEE credit card payments!! We've heard from parents that four smaller payments would be easier on the budget. So, we will be changing our current program to four terms, rather than three. The school year will remain 30 weeks, but will be divided into shorter terms to be easier on your budget!

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