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Changes On The Horizon

As we get closer to fall (yes, I know, it's not even July yet), we're busy planning for the best dance year ever! Here's a little preview of some of our changes headed your way in the fall...

Kids, and parents alike, have asked for longer classes. Not surprisingly, our dancers often say "why can't our jazz class be longer?" or something similar. And it's very common for parents who are looking for a new dance studio to say "oh, ballet is only 30 minutes? At our old studio it was 45 minutes" (example). We've heard you; we want to give our dancers what they want, and we want to be "competitive" with what local dance studios are offering. We've spent the spring and early summer preparing our new schedule to include longer classes for most of our levels. Of course, we didn't take it lightly. We didn't just add 15 minutes or more to every class and call it a day! We took the time to really think about each level; their age, maturity, ability and their future syllabus. We wanted to get it right, and that takes time. Not every level of dancer can handle a longer class. And so, classes were extended in the particular subjects and levels where we felt it was appropriate. And where we didn't feel dancers were ready, we left the class length the same as it had been for that level.

There's another change that goes along with these longer classes, but I can't share that part yet ... I'm so excited for the new school year because of something we've been working on for the past several months. All of our classes, from our Primary Division through our Premier Division, are going to delve deeper into dance than ever before. We aren't just throwing dance routines at the kids. We're going to do so much more in each class. Our dancers will be absorbing new information and their love and appreciation for dance will grow even more. Our dancers will love to learn and learn to love! I can't say it enough... It's different at Premier!

Also on the horizon, you asked, and we listened; parents have told us it would be easier on the checkbook if we had four quarterly payments, rather than three terms. So, we've changed the payment plan to quarters, each being 7-8 weeks of dance classes (rather than three 10-week terms). Our school year is still the same length, with our recital the second weekend in May.

Along with an easier payment plan, is new studio software at Premier that's more user-friendly, and offers a NO FEE credit card and paypal option. Your account is already in the new system. We just ask that you create a new login password and update your information - update phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and your student's grade in school. We'll even be able to send text messages when the weather is bad and we have to close for the day, so be sure to update cell phone numbers, please!

You can login here to update your account: Parent Portal

We can't wait to see everyone in the fall! In the meantime, I'm going to get back to planning! It's going to be a great year!

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